When American society never reached its original desire for intercultural harmony, the popular music of the Old South managed a harmonious mix of its cultural traditions. The result of this creolization process, enabling all the styles involved to inspire each other without sacrificing their roots, has influenced popular musical idioms all over the world.

Inspired by the traditions in black and white of the Old South, the guitarduet-and-vocal project imagined by Mathis HAUG and Benoît NOGARET comes to grips with an enlightened repertoire mixing Blues, Folk and oldtime Country music. The result gives weight to the notion of Americana while breaking away from the trappings of nostalgia.

The songs of the Carter Family, Big Bill Broonzy, Doc Watson, Reverend Gary Davis, Bill Monroe or the Stanley Brothers find themselves rejuvenated by Haug and Nogaret. The duo adds to the mix a handful of personal compositions, reminding us that Southern music, largely inspired by its Native American and African heritage, owes much to its European roots.


"Performing this warm music, initiating a rich dialogue with fellow musicians in the Internet era, introducing our old master Doc Watson to a whole new generation of Southern music fans is a major source of joy and satisfaction for us." Mathis Haug and Benoît Nogaret.