Sitting on top of the world

12 songs, out on April 7th 2022

12 songs recorded face to face with their Gibson & Martin guitars, Mathis's voice and with a little help from their friends: Steve louvat on banjo, Manu Bertrand & Christian Séguret on mandolin, Aurore Voilqué & Christian Séguret on Fiddle.



You can order the Cd via Paypal €20 including shipping in Europe, including the MP3 files directly in your mail box. 

Pochette Sitting on top of the world copie

Here’s to you Mr Watson

6 songs EP, released in April 2021

"Pick a song at random in the extensive repertoire of traditional American music, and you're likely to hear a version by Doc. Revisiting his songs was an obvious choice for us, performing this warm music, initiating a rich dialogue with fellow musicians in the Internet era, introducing our old master Doc Watson to a whole new generation of Southern music fans is a major source of joy and satisfaction for us." Mathis Haug et Benoît Nogaret