Making the rounds

An all star trio (Mathis Haug, Benoît Nogaret and Simon Boyer) for an intoxicating return to the roots of American music. When blues, folk and country become one.

It's a ballad from Missouri that gave them their name. A song that, for a century, has been rambling along the American roads, from guitar to guitar, against a backdrop of crime and adventure. Welcome to the world of the Little Sadie band. An exceptional trio that brings together three American music buffs: sounds that are made on the road, as you meet people, between Nashville and Memphis, and that are passed on from generation to generation.

First up in the trio is Mathis Haug.  A sublime voice, with a rough grain, he's played with Pura Fé, Milteau, Emily Loizeau and released benchmark albums in the blues world (Distance,  Wild country, Memphis sessions…)

Benoît Nogaret : an outstanding guitarist, who grew up on 70s rock, and has been inspired ever since by the folk-blues riffs that electrify his fingers. He and Mathis have just come back from an American trip in the footsteps of Doc Watson.

And finally: Simon "Shuffle" Boyer. As a teenager, this drummer was given his nickname by an American musician during a jam session (the shuffle is a standard blues rhythm). Since then, he has toured with renowned jazz and blues musicians (Daniel Huck, Marc Lafferière, Louisiana Red...) to become a major player on the French blues scene.

The Little Sadie Band not only pays tribute to this blues, bluegrass, country and folk music which is at the root of all modern rock. It reinterprets it with a universal vision, breaking the stereotypes: the blues music of the blacks, the country, carried by the white conservatives. "Even in the era of segregation, musicians would meet and share, these songs are all from the same tree," insists "Shuffle". The United States is the country of crossbreeding," continues Mathis. Even if the Americans themselves have not yet digested all that. And all this music has one thing in common: it grooves.

Mathis Haug : lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Benoît Nogaret : guitar, bass
Simmon Boyer : drums